Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All about trees.

Trees.  Not interesting for most women but for me, I love trees, I paint and draw them. I want to look out my window and go for a walk and see a tree and know what kind of tree it is.  It has always been an interest of mine and lead me the other night at dusk all the way down to the end of my driveway looking for a poplar leaf- I found it.

There are many types and species of trees and here I have only scratched the surface.  There are 2 main types of trees: Deciduous and Evergreen. Deciduous trees are those lovely trees all the people from the city come and take over our state to stare at.  They have leaves which change to vibrant colors in the Fall then to brown and then fall off.  Evergreen trees are those who have needle like foliage and stay green all year round losing only a few needles at a time.

I have come up with some of the most common trees that grow in our state (New Hampshire)


Sugar maple tree:

Various Maple leaves:

White Ash:

White Ash leaves:

White Poplar Tree:

Poplar Leaves:

Northern Red Oak Tree:

Various Oak Tree Leaves:

American Beech Tree:

White Birch which is also New Hampshire's state tree!:

White Birch Tree Leaf:

The following 2 trees are both Apple Trees, the 1st is a Snow Drift Crab Apple Tree:

 Snow drift Crab Apple Tree in full flowering bloom:

Cortland Apple Tree:

And in case you didn't know what a Cortland Apple looks like:


Eastern White Pine:

Eastern White Pine Needles:

Scotch Pine Tree:

Scotch Pine Tree Needles:

Blue Spruce Tree:

Blue Spruce Tree Needles:

Balsam Fir Tree (commonly our Christmas tree):

Balsam Fir Tree Needles we have all seen at least 20 times.

White Fir Tree (which grows to 100 ft tall):

White Fir Tree Needles:

Eastern Hemlock Tree:

Eastern Hemlock Tree Needles:

White Cedar Tree:

The White Cedar likes a wet growing environment. And here is a picture of their foliage:

Dawn Redwood Tree:

Dawn Redwood Tree Needles:

There are many, many more things I would like to know-like best growing conditions for each tree, where it was 1st found and much more- but for now-my brain is very tired :)

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